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Ganoderma has been known for over 4000 years as the most prized of all herbs (the King of Herbs)  
Every cup of MYCO CAFE coffee is made from our harvests of different types of Organic Ganoderma. We test our Ganoderma herbs with electronspectroscopy to ensure accuracy and concentration of each herb. Our exhaustive laboratory procedures ensure Success By Health can guarantee we have the highest quality ganoderma coffee & beverage products available! 
Myco Cafe Coffee is made by blending gourmet proprietary roasted Coffee Beans with Ganoderma and other Myco-herbs.


Did you know…

This ancient Chinese remedy is technically considered a mushroom however it is a special type of woody mushroom that naturally grows on aged trees and takes one year to fully mature a single fruiting body.
  • Helps to naturally reduce the negative effects of caffeine, builds the immune system, and helps balance PH in the body.
  • Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi), a red mushroom, is said to have over 150 antioxidants and 200 phytonutrients.
  • Ganoderma has over 3 million web pages of third party documentation on the internet and boasts over 4,000 years of history.

“Success By Health” has discovered how to capture the full potential of Ganoderma, the King of Herbs!

Today and over the past 20 years in Asia it has actually been used in hospitals for supporting health. The main life cycle of the herb is not visible outside the tree but within the bioactive cells contains hundreds of immune supporting polysaccharide complexes as well as antioxidants.  
For this reason it is considered to be the world’s number one antioxidant herb!
  • Be high in acid & constrict blood vessels
  • Increase risk of arthritis, obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression etc…
  • Dehydrate the body “You have to drink about 16-18 glasses of water to neutralize the acid in one cup of traditional coffee.”
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